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Patrons and friends,

After 20 amazing years owning and operating Marx, we’ve come to the bittersweet decision to close the restaurant...

The decision has been a difficult one, but after much discussion with family and friends, we know it’s the right time to close this chapter as we look to writing new chapters professionally and personally.

Stillwater has been a fantastic place to call home over the last 27 years. From transforming an old restaurant space and first opening the doors of Marx, to raising our two sons as Ponies, we’ve made lifelong memories in the community and ones we hold in our hearts dearly.

To our guests, patrons, and friends, we’ve loved providing a unique, personal dining experience to you all. Your support over the years in filling Marx with joy, laughter, and lifelong memories is something we can’t thank you for enough. From casual evenings out to special occasion meals, we thank you for choosing Marx to help you relax, celebrate, and have fun.

Kitchen and front-of-house staff… thank you. You believed in the restaurant and chose it as a stopping place in your careers, and for that, we’re forever thankful. We hope you’re all as proud of your time at Marx as we are of the work you did. Marx wouldn’t have been what it was without your commitment and belief in what we were trying to achieve. It is from the bottom of our hearts we thank you for your work and commitment in establishing Marx as an exceptional restaurant and dining experience.

We’re forever grateful to our customers and friends who supported our business over the years. Thank you again for the amazing memories.


Mark and Lydia Hanson


Located in the birthplace of Minnesota, Stillwater...

"Marx is a place to both relax over a nice glass of wine and gather with friends for a lively eclectic dinner. We offer fresh seafood specials during lunch & dinner as well as a menu that offers a unique blend of Caribbean, Asian and Italian American cuisine. The vibe at Marx teleports our guests from Stillwater to a major metropolis like New York or South Beach." - Chef & Owner, Mark Hanson 


RM Realty Interviews Chef & Owner, Mark Hanson...

“While the flavors and inspiration for the dishes are grounded in providing variety to the guests, the kitchen staff also aims to hit the mark with an excellent experience, every time.”

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